Sensory Screening of MARY POPPINS RETURNS


Sunday, December 30, 2018 - 10:15am to 12:30pm

Sensory Screening of MARY POPPINS RETURNS
Sponsored by
Families Advocating Autism Now
SUNDAY December 30, 2018


Broadway Cinema Eureka

****Please DO NOT contact the theater regarding this private showing****

For years now, FAAN has been offering Monthly Sensory Screenings to those on the Autism Spectrum and their families, and if you've attended recently, you have seen how full and popular they are becoming. Because of this, we at FAAN felt like we should review a few of the requirement we have in order to continue this amazing and fun experience.

FAAN's Sensory Screenings are free to those on the Autism Spectrum, their immediate families, and respite/behavioral workers only.

We have this rule because we pay for the screenings based on the number of persons in the seats. We do not rent the whole theatre for a flat fee. We do understand, from attending with our own children, how these screenings can be an amazing social experience for those affected by ASD. However, we still ask that you do not bring friends, extended family, neighbors, etc to these screenings.

We appreciate you understanding and hope you all realize that these restrictions help us keep this program alive and well.

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